29: Connect with your couples and close more sales - a sneak peek inside The Wedding Booking Blueprint

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Let me ask you, do you feel like you’re pushing so hard, showing up consistently, and serving your clients, but you just can’t seem to grow?

I felt the exact same way 2 years into my business. I was working SO hard, but I just felt stalled out. But listen, I’ve cracked the code of creating connections with my clients to warm up the lead and close more sales, and THAT my friend, is what has allowed me to grow my business to $300k in yearly revenue.

Now, I have a close rate of 96%, and I’m sharing ALL about it in this episode. But above all else, I feel so much better. I’m confident that when I sit down to work, I’m working on the right things. The needle movers. I’m growing my business every single week. I’m sharing how I cracked the code and how you can too.

The secret weapon? My signature course, The Wedding Booking Blueprint.

Now, because there's a lot to cover in this episode, I'm going to jump around a bit so we can cover all of the details, but here's what to expect. I'll be talking about what The Wedding Booking Blueprint is all about: who is it for, what does it solve for wedding professionals, what each module looks like, what's inside of the course, some results from past WBB students, and then, I'll be gushing about what WBB means not only to me, but to some of my students as well.

As I am recording this episode, we are in an extra special time around here. It’s sneak peek time. That means that if you've been thinking about building, growing or scaling your wedding business, you can get access to module one of my signature course for free. No strings attached. You have from now until Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

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