25: How to write a sales page that sells for you with Taylor de la Fuente

You’re listening to the Build That Business Podcast, Episode 25. Today, I’m chatting with Taylor de la Fuente and she’s going to teach us how to write a sales page that sells for us. Taylor is an award-winning writer, inclusive language educator, and the owner of Lemon Tree Editorial. As a copywriter serving the wedding industry, Taylor writes persuasive and personality-packed websites, brochures, and other marketing materials for wedding pros who want to woo prospective couples.

Today’s episode is packed with step by step lessons that we can implement right now in our businesses. So this is definitely a note taking episode. Grab that pen, a notebook, pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s dive in…

In today's episode, we'll cover:

- The mindset shift you need to take to start selling with confidence. Selling can make a lot of people feel awkward or uncomfortable.
- What the heck even goes on a Sales page, anyway?
- How long should your Sales page be?
- Which does she recommend: putting prices on your website, or reserving that information for after someone inquires?
- What are some common mistakes you see on a Sales page?
- She also dives into the four types of buyers (competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic ) and how to write for each one.

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of the Build That Business Podcast!

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