24: Growing Your Business Without Social Media with Missy Campbell

You’re listening to the Build That Business Podcast, Episode 24. You are in for a treat today, my friends, I’m sitting down with Missy Campbell to talk about growing your business without social media and spoiler alert - We are diving into Pinterest today. Yes, Pinterest is not a social media platform - it’s a search engine. And if you are not using it for your business, you have to give this episode a listen. The strategies Missy is going to teach us today will change everything for your business… ready to listen in? Let’s get to it…

In today's episode, we'll cover:
- A full Pinterest marketing strategy for your small business.
- How to set up your Pinterest account for organic visibility
- Do we have to Pin every day? How often should we pin and how much time is it going to take?
- What kinds of things should I promote on Pinterest?

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of the Build That Business Podcast!

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