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The revolutionary success plan for wedding pros ready to fill up their calendar with new couples on the spot at their next show. 


Let me guess. You have tried bridal shows in the past and... 

  • You spent a lot of money and resources signing up for the show, and you walked away with a lot of hopeful leads…  that ultimately led to a big fat nothing. 
  • You felt like everyone at the show were “budget shoppers” and “freebie seekers” ... and weren't really there to book vendors.
  • You felt like it was a big waste of time. Period. 

WELL, i'm here to change that. 

I average $25,000 in revenue per show

Yep, you read that right. 

I'm Lindsay and I teach Wedding Pros all about the importance of creating meaningful connections with the couples you want to serve.

What better way to create and nurture connections, than to be face-to-face with your audience?

Bridal shows are the number one way I generate leads. I average about 20-30 appointments per show, and close about 96% of those. 

Ready to learn how I do it?

Imagine having a consistently full appointment calendar every month ...without having to chase cold leads

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • You'll know exactly what shows to sign up for and how to tell if they'll be a slam dunk or a bust.
  • You'll learn how to create a set up that will be affordable, effective and easy to re-create at every show you do. 
  • You'll have a proven plan book appointments at the show - no more collecting leads and hoping they pan out.  
  • You'll have a solid follow- up strategy so you know what to say and when to say it to book even more appointments after the show.

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.


Walk every from every bridal show with a full appointment calendar of couples ready and excited to book their wedding with you. 

The Bridal Show Blueprint is everything you need to:

  • Warm up your leads and generate buzz before the show
  • Schedule appointments AT the show
  • Perfect your follow up after show to keep those bookings coming

Module one

Generate Buzz

How to warm up your leads and prime your potential couples to be ready to book.

  • What to ask the show host before signing up to make sure it's a good fit for your business
  • What to post before the show to warm up your leads
  • How to generate buzz so that your booth is their first stop at the show

Module two

show prep + set up

The key to show prep is simplicity. You don’t want to waste a week of time prepping for every show (you need that time to grow your business doing other things).

  • How to showcase your work
  • Your guide to show signage
  • How to set up your booth using the space wisely

Module three

at the show

I want you at these shows ready to connect, serve, and schedule appointments.

  • What to hand out at the show (business cards, brochures, postcards - oh my!)
  • How to create meaningful connections with attendees (I'll talk you through exactly how to start a conversation and how to ask for the appointment)
  • How to schedule appointments at the show by using an incentive 

Module four

show follow up

Our work isn't done after the show! This module walks you through show follow up so that you can schedule more appointments long after the show ends. 

  • How to follow up via email and social media to encourage more bookings (I'll give you my exact templates with what to say)
  • How to confirm all of the appointments that you'll schedule at the show so they're ready and excited to book their big day 
  • An email strategy that you can use after the show to nurture your leads list

are you ready?

  • Mod 1: Generate Buzz
  • Mod 2: Show Set Up and Prep
  • Social Caption Swipe File
  • Mod 3: At The Show
  • Mod 4: Show Follow Up
  • Email Templates

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

Right now you’re trying to make a decision as to whether or not this program is right for you. Let me give you an easy way to make this so smooth for you.

Buy today, look at the content, get comfortable with the curriculum and then decide based on that if this is the right thing for you. And if you decide that it’s not, you can ask for a refund and that’s fine!You are backed by our 7-day money back guarantee.




"I walked away from the bridal show with 14 consultations  scheduled"

Lindsay’s methods are tried and true.

I put them to the test at my most recent bridal show and walked away with 14 consultations scheduled.

Other vendors at the show were blown away and I couldn’t help but share Lindsay’s secret - it’s so simple it seems obvious once you learn it!

Megan, calligrapher

"I closed 25% of the show attendees. 20 out of 80 couples"

I have been in business 5 years and I have never had an educator be so open with all their information on how they have been successful.  It is clear that she wants all her students to succeed!!! 

I am so excited to implement all the things and start making 6 figures. I feel like I have the tools and confidence to do it.

karin, stationer

There are a million reasons why you could throw in the towel after these last two years in our industry.  Why you could talk yourself out of pursuing your big dreams, but I know you won't. You won't let this pandemic tear down your wedding business.


meet your coach

Hi there, I'm Lindsay! 

Through personality packed content, and out of this world customer service, I’ve managed to grow our company from $30k to $300k in yearly revenue. I know what it takes to start and build a successful wedding business. I've been in the trenches, exactly where you've been!

And now, I want to help you achieve the same level of success in your wedding business.

The world needs what you sell. You’ve perfected your craft, now let’s perfect those sales so you get it in the hands of your ideal clients. Are you ready to book more weddings and serve more couples? 

See you in The Bridal Show Blueprint!


are you ready?

  • Mod 1: Generate Buzz
  • Mod 2: Show Set Up and Prep
  • Social Caption Swipe File
  • Mod 3: At The Show
  • Mod 4: Show Follow Up
  • Email Templates